• Andrea Edmondson
Calm Sea

Finding the calm to flourish

I design and deliver stress & wellbeing workshops to businesses and individuals empowering people to manage their stress and find the calm to flourish 


Graeme Lee, CEO Springfield Healthcare Group

Springfield Healthcare recently engaged Andrea to help us at an off-site management meeting. I met with Andrea twice prior to the event to give her an understanding of our business and the pressures that we, as managers, face daily.  She quickly grasped what was needed and was able to suggest a number of options regarding how to engage with and help our senior team with managing stress at work. The session that Andrea ran was highly informative as well as interactive, she prompted us all to think about the things that cause our stress, described the possible impact particularly on our health and our families, and shared helpful tools and tips.  The whole team was impressed with Andrea’s incredible knowledge as well as her enthusiasm. I would recommend working with Andrea without hesitation to any business wanting to support colleagues with positive mental health and wellbeing

Charlotte Cook, M.D of Straightforward Partnership

I would highly recommend one of Andrea's sessions. I attended a taster session. She gave a great understanding of what stress is and how it is caused and then excellent tips/techniques and approaches for managing stress in your teenager. Any parent would benefit - if you have a teenager or younger kids you should attend a session and get prepared. Really, really, helpful

Gordon Pentland, Head of Sixth Form, Thirsk School 

The feedback from the students and staff is all positive, loved the approach and style. Scientific, logical and well presented, our sixth form needed something like this. Too often it has been "wooly" and soft - really appreciate what you did and more importantly how you did it.

Sally Rasmussen, Head of Marketing

I thought Andrea was great. I found her to be super engaging and the time that she was given went really quickly.  I had some good “take-aways” and there were some good messages in there regarding self-care.  I was really impressed with and curious about  the scientific knowledge she shared with us and will definitely be visiting her website. The session was really helpful and a good reminder that to look after others at work and at home we also need to take care of ourselves.  So pleased to hear that you are continuing to work within Springfield Healthcare and that more of our team will have access to your knowledge and passion for your subject.

Dawn, Head of HR

The session was great. The quick exercises for reducing tension and stress were really good and useful (used this already since the session 😉.  The balance of what was covered was great especially around the scientific side of stress. Overall I found it very useful.


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