Andrea Edmondson is an expert on how stress impacts our wellbeing in helpful and harmful ways. 

Understanding how the brain and body responds to the myriad of stresses in the modern world empowers individuals to make changes that impact the way they feel, their lifestyle and their wellbeing. 

Through education and coaching she shares the knowledge, skills and mindset to manage stress and optimise physical and mental health. Her approach is based on neuroscience, the science of stress and the process of self-regulation. She designs and delivers workshops for businesses and offers one to one coaching. 

 In additional to her masters from the Universities of London and Glasgow and her professional training, she has 25 years of teaching and coaching experience both in the UK and the USA.  She is a facilitator for the Dr Shanker Self-Reg Method®, a mindfulness educator and has a in-depth understanding of the role sleep, nutrition and exercise play in physical, mental and emotional health.