WORKPLACE TRAINING- This is now available online 

How I work

After an initial conversation, I design content to meet the needs of your business and employees. I teach stress awareness, strategies for reducing stress, improving wellbeing and ways to make new habits easier to action.  Training can be a half or full day or delivered over several weeks.

Topics I cover

Stress awareness, stress assessments, stress management, mindset, sleep, nutrition, movement, rest, digital overload, hormonal health. I include practical strategies for finding calm, restoring energy and relaxing, including breath work, yoga and mindfulness.  I also help team leaders and parents recognise the signs of excess stress in others (including children) and learn how to support them in helpful ways.

Where I work

I come to your workplace or to a location that is convenient to you and your employees. I need a screen, projector and space for people to write and move. I WILL NOW DELIVER THESE ONLINE VIA ZOOM


My fees

My fees vary according to audience size and the duration of the training.  I will provide you with a detailed quote after we have discussed your requirements.

Last year "stress" cost UK businesses £45 Billion

54% of people said that their biggest stress was work

Proactive mental health and wellbeing training have the highest ROI of around £5 for every £1 invested

Workshop Elements

All workshops are bespoke and  designed to optimise physical, emotional and mental wellbeing thereby dramatically improving quality of life and productivity at work. The sessions are highly interactive and packed with tools, tips and strategies that can be used immediately at home and at work. The elements below can stand alone or be blended into a half or full day workshop to meet you requirements. 

mind body awareness.png

Stress Awareness

Our modern world is full of things that stimulate us and it can be hard to take a break. Learn to pay attention to the signs your body and brain are giving you about your stress levels and become aware of the stressors that drain your energy.


Mindfulness and Meditation

Learn about the powerful benefits of calming the mind and body.  There are so many ways to be mindful or to meditate and with trial and error you will find one the works for you and start to appreciate the benefits of calm.

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Stress Less

We live in demanding and stressful times and the occurrence of stress related illnesses is high. In this workshop you will learn practical tools, tips and strategies to reducing stress, how to protect your health and feeling back in control.

energy icon.png


Stress can energise you but it still burns energy, being stressed for too long can leave you feeling tired, anxious or with a low mood.  During this workshop you will learn ways to calm your nervous system and healthy ways to recharge your energy.

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Finding your Balance

Learning to balance different aspects of your life can be tricky, especially when many aspect of modern life are designed to distract you. Learn how to find your balance by keeping your thinking brain online and making long term decisions that support your wellbeing.

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Discover why sleep is the foundation of wellness, how it impacts everything from our cognitive function, weight and mood. During this session you'll be able to identify habits which may be affecting the duration and quality of your sleep.

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Movement and Exercise

Spending too much time seated at work or at home reduces muscular and respiratory fitness but also increases appetite and curbs the desire to participate in activities.  We can access a more active lifestyle that makes us feel better inside and out- we just need to add a few ingredients to our daily routine. 

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You are what you eat!

We eat for nourishment, energy, pleasure and mood and what we eat greatly impacts out general health and mental wellbeing. This session is not about dieting but shares simple food rules to help you separate fact from fiction and make healthy eating choices.

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Mental Fitness and Resilience

How we think affects us physically and mentally- Learn some practical strategies and tools to optimise your mindset, develop a positive mental attitude, build your resilience and be mentally fit.


Digital Awareness

The internet, smart phones, laptops are great tools of the modern era but over use can leave us feeling disconnected, anxious and compromise our wellbeing by keeping us away from activities that can enhance our lives.  Learn how to use the T.I.M.E method to moderate your digital activity.

nature icon.png


Learn how nature benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing, from boosting immunity and lowering blood pressure to improving our mood and sleep.