Covid-19 & Beyond: Strategies for Managing Stress & Preventing Burnout 

This half day training course is specifically designed for people working in the care sector. It can be delivered in person or virtually.


The workshop will cover: 

  • The biology of stress including how the brain and body responds to the myriad of stressors faced on a daily basis.

  • A range of easy to use techniques for reducing stress; including, breath work, mindfulness and psychological tools.

  • Healthy strategies to boost energy, resilience and wellbeing

The session is informative, interactive and practical, empowering your staff with the skills to manage stress, improve their health and prevent burnout.

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Last year "stress" cost UK businesses £45 Billion

54% of people said that their biggest source of stress was work

Proactive mental health and wellbeing training have the highest ROI of around £5 for every £1 invested

Bespoke Workplace Training 

How I work

After an initial conversation, I design content to meet the needs of your business and employees. I teach stress awareness, strategies for reducing stress, improving wellbeing and ways to make new habits easier to action.  Training can be a half or full day or delivered over several weeks.

Topics I cover

Stress awareness, stress assessments, biology of stress, stress management and building resilience. How to improve sleep, nutrition, movement, rest & recovery. Digital wellbeing, hormonal health & building healthy habits . All sessions include practical strategies for balancing the nervous system, finding calm and restoring energy, I include breath work, yoga, mindfulness & EFT.  I can help team leaders recognise the signs of excess stress in others (including children) and learn how to support them in helpful ways.

Where I work

I come to your workplace or to a location that is convenient to you and your employees. I need a screen, projector and space for people to write and move. I can deliver training virtually.


My fees

My fees vary according to audience size and the duration of the training.  I will provide you with a detailed quote after we have discussed your requirements.

My Goal

All workshops are designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to optimise their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing thereby dramatically improving their quality of life and productivity at work. The sessions are highly interactive and packed with tools, tips and strategies that can be used immediately at home and at work.

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