How I work

After an initial conversation, I create a workshop/s to meet the needs of your business and employees. The content and tools are evidence based, easy to action, effective and free. The delivery is interactive & design to inspire action.  

Workshops can be a half or full day or delivered over several weeks in bitesized chunks.

Stress Topics

  1. Stress Awareness,

  2. Stress Load Analysis 

  3. Science of Stress 

  4. Self-Regulation

  5. Energy- Tension Matrix

  6. Stress recovery

  7. Stress management 

  8. Stress resilience

Brain health Topics

  1. Cracking your Circadian Code (sleep)

  2. Blood Glucose for Energy & Clarity

  3. WTF Should I Eat

  4. Smart Movement

  5. Accessing the Power of the Vagus Nerve (Switching off, finding calm & relaxation)

  6. Digital Distraction & Detox

  7. Compassion, Connection &Performance  

  8. Use your mind, to change your brain, to change your mind

Where I work

I can deliver the workshops virtually via Zoom or in-person.  If they are in-person, I come to your workplace or to a location that is convenient to you and your employees. I need a screen and projector (I can supply this) and space for people to write and move


My fees

My fees vary according to audience size, the duration and frequency of the workshops .  I will provide you with a detailed quote after we have discussed your requirements.

My Goal

When we feel at our best we perform at our best. The workshops are designed to both inform & inspire action. The knowledge and strategies I share, empower your employees to make choices that enhance wellbeing and performance. The sessions are highly interactive and packed with tools, tips and strategies that can be used immediately at home and at work.

Last year "stress" cost UK businesses £45 Billion

54% of people said that their biggest source of stress was work

Proactive mental health and wellbeing training have the highest ROI of around £5 for every £1 invested

In 2013, there were 8.2 million cases of anxiety in the UK

Worldwide around 50 million people live with dementia, and this number is projected to increase to 152 million by 2050

Risk factors in early life (education), midlife (hypertension, obesity, hearing loss, traumatic brain injury, and alcohol misuse) and later life (smoking, depression, physical inactivity, social isolation, diabetes, and air pollution) can contribute to increased dementia risk 

Covid-19 & Beyond: Strategies for Managing Stress & Preventing Burnout

Full-Day/Half-Day/ 3-Parts over three weeks 

This workshop is specifically designed for people working in the care sector. It can be delivered in person or virtually.


The workshop will cover: 

  • The biology of stress including how the brain and body responds to the myriad of stressors faced on a daily basis. A 'Stress Load Analysis' for each participant

  • A range of easy to use techniques for reducing stress; including, breath work, mindfulness and psychological tools.

  • Healthy strategies to boost energy, resilience and wellbeing

The session is informative, interactive and practical, empowering your staff with the skills to manage stress, improve their health and prevent burnout.

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