I work with businesses to align the needs of the people with the actions of the company to create a wellbeing strategy that is integrated, effective and sustainable. Many wellbeing initiatives do not have the impact intended due to a mismatch between what leaders believe is effective and what actually makes a difference to long term wellbeing.


I engage with all stakeholders through a survey and interviews to gather a shared understanding of what wellbeing looks like and what sort of initiatives add value. I report back to the leadership team with the findings, theses insights  indicate what areas of wellbeing your business needs to focus on.  Together will create a wellbeing strategy that is intergrated, effective and sustainable.


 Using evidence based strategies we will focus on the actions your business and your people can take to improve wellbeing. Crucial in the implementation phase of wellbeing strategies is understanding how to help change behaviour and this central to this step.


By working from the top down and bottom up we can ensure the needs of the people align with the needs of the organisation and every member of the team has the knowledge and strategies to look after themselves and empower others to do the same.  Wellbeing is dynamic, it is key to measure the effective of the initiatives to ensure they remain effective. I will review this with you on a regular basis.


Scientific research into wellbeing and performance shows why developing a culture of wellbeing is critical. Progressive leaders are recognising that the old business model is not working. There is a desperate need to change the way we live and work in order to not just survive but flourish. More and more forward thinking leaders are realising they can’t afford to be put off addressing underlying causes for burnout, lack of engagement and the related retention issues. People need a more peaceful, productive and healthy work environment.